She loved the way her nipples looked when they were perky with pleasure. Just seeing her hard nipples aroused her in an intimate way. She cupped her breast and placed the petite pump over her nipple. Gently, she squeezed the bulb and slowly released it to create a stimulating suction. She flushed as she felt her blood flow increase, her nipple swell, and her sensitivity surge! Exhilarating sensations heightened her desire and fulfilled her own sexual satisfaction.

It’s all about Her.

- Intimately Personal Suction - Convenient squeeze bulb allows for personalized pleasure.
- 3 Ideal Sizes - Assortment can be used on varying-sized nipples.
- Variety Of Uses - Enjoy on nipple, clitoris, and erogenous areas.

Small Length: 8.8cm
Diameter: 2.9cm
Inner Diameter: 1.5cm

Medium Length: 8.8cm
Diameter: 3.2cm
Inner Diameter: 2.0cm

Large Length: 9.7cm
Diameter: 3.9cm
Inner Diameter: 2.5cm